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For peace and fulfilment



The Thought Space is an answer to the modern age we live in, to the fast-paced life, the constantly changing environment, going around in circles, not having enough time to stop for a moment to think and make a well-considered decision using our mind abilities to the fullest..The Thought Space is that place in a city, where you can get lost in time and meet yourself.


In a free flow of consciousness,
when time, it seems,
has stopped.



The Thought Space gives a chance of balancing your consciousness level with the abilities of your mind. It is a place where you can generate ideas, enhance your conceptions, discover new facets to the already existing ones, and provoke creativity.
The Thought Space meditation does not claim the status of meditation in the conventional perception of the activity, though in its very essence it is a comparable experience. This is certainly not a place, where you have to indulge in unconditionally performed rituals or to recite mantras.
The Thought Space allows embarking upon a voyage into the world within, containing your very self and what goes on around the core of this often hidden world. This is a meeting with your thoughts, dreams, and visions.

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Without a shred of doubt — no restrictions. The Thought Space is also the place for brainstorming. You could also say it is laying the foundations for ideas and concepts. It is a way of generating new ideas and working on new products and schemes.


For many centuries, people have been developing their meditational and yogic skills to be able to cross the physical and mental limits and to achieve the fundamental condition of consciousness, in which absolutely nothing is happening, a condition — here and now. In this day and age, the prevailing belief is that people have no time or willingness to wait for too long. The Thought Space curbs your stress. The thoroughly considered microenvironment helps you achieve a state of peace making it easier to start your quest for solutions or decisions.



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The Thought Space is an excellent opportunity to enjoy an inner and outer silence. The moment, when you stay alone with yourself, bears immense significance. There is no better way to make an important decision than to be at peace and in complete silence. It is not a pause in time, it a pause your consciousness makes. It is a time, when your subconscious is engaged, and your intuition, suppressed day in and day out, becomes stronger.




+371 29411444


Riga, Dārzaugļu street 12 – 8


Frequently asked questions:

How earlier should you be here?
It would be good if you showed up 10 – 15 minutes before time. During the session you have no specific tasks. We recommend not to hurry so you could get your own unique experience.
Can there be two or more people in The Thought Space at the same time?
Yes. It provides the opportunity to use it individually or in small groups of up to four people. Cube structure is designed to ensure the required air circulation.
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My name is Andris Jēkabsons and, guided by intuition, I created The Thought Space. I have spent fifteen years in the field of marketing and advertising, the last 10 of which I have been leading my own event management agency. The experience is unparalleled — no two days are alike and each day brings about a new beginning, a challenge, and competition with yourself. I would not be exaggerating if I said that this long-term endeavour has yielded an extensive contact base, where each “entry” has its own unique value. As the time goes by and experience is accumulated, you build conscience — understanding the essence of things, you realise what you can do best and what others need.

The Thought Space (individually or as a corporate activity) is a creative retreat of sorts — an environment for inspiration and changes. The more balanced our lives are the happier we feel!

The Thought Space is also a creative “polygon” for generating new ideas. Nowadays, it is considered trendy to coach and mentor... I am not keen on imposing this label. At the same time, I have experience that I would like to share. You can say it is consulting in finding creative solutions, because ideas (for events, but not only) are my day-to-day life.

The Thought Space, in its very essence, is a place where you can convert the time into a valuable result. We ourselves are the beginning of everything. In this sense, the Thought Space is a new beginning of the “self”, an intersection, an extension of your dreams. Finding yourself in an environment free of external interruptions.

The modern day is an era filled with pressure, stress, unhealthy food, among other things — it is the daily life, a race, which the media certainly know how to cultivate and TV commercials love to exaggerate it.

Amidst it all, we experience the truly beautiful moments of our lives, and it is important that we understand where we stand and where we want to go. Meanwhile the reality always depends on the point of view from which you consider what matters.

The modern day is a time of constant, rapid changes. Our great poet Rainis once said: “To carry on you must change”. See you soon!

Sincerely yours,


Andris Jēkabsons